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Jane Knowlton Lloyd was born at Sharon Hospital on March 19th, 1963 to Jack and Ann Lloyd of Salisbury. Jane was the fourth of six children born to Jack and Ann. She attended Salisbury Central School, and as a child, she belonged to both the Salisbury Swim Team and the Salisbury Winter Sports Association (SWSA).

After graduating from Salisbury Central School Jane attended HVRHS for two years and then transferred to The Berkshire School in Sheffield, Massachusetts. At Berkshire, she participated in field hockey, cross country skiing, squash, and lacrosse. She was also a member of The Trail year-book committee. Graduating from Berkshire in 1981, Jane attended Guilford College in Greensboro, North Carolina. After leaving college she lived in Boston and New York City before eventually moving back home to Salisbury. It was there that her passion for gardening blossomed, and after a few years of learning the trade, she started her own business.

In 1997, at the age of 34, Jane was diagnosed with breast cancer. After surgery and two rounds of chemotherapy and radiation, Jane's cancer went into remission. While in remission Jane nurtured her gardening business and bought her dream house. With the help of friends and family, she remodeled it to suit her needs and reflect her personality. She also became a member of the Salisbury Conservation Committee, the Salisbury Stingers hockey team, and the WeCanRow, a competitive rowing program for cancer survivors. In 2003, with the help of a friend, one of Jane's dreams came true. She had the opportunity to meet and ride with her role model, Lance Armstrong, in Texas at a Lance Armstrong Foundation event.

Unfortunately, in the winter of 2004 Jane's cancer would recur. She fought cancer with both conventional and alternative treatments. Again, with the help of a friend and client Jane took three trips to Hawaii for treatment with a doctor of holistic medicine. The effects of the treatments made it difficult for Jane to run her business and put a financial strain on her. But once again friends came to her aid and picked up the slack in her finances and allowed her to stay in her home and meet her financial obligations.

Despite her valiant efforts, Jane died on September 14, 2005. With the help of loyal and tireless friends, Jane was able to leave this world comfortably in the home that she so dearly loved. In her memory, the Jane Lloyd Fund was born to help cancer patients in the way that so many of Jane's friends helped her as she lived with cancer. Jane may no longer be with us, but the grace and courage that she showed in the last years of her life was an inspiration to all who knew her. The Jane Lloyd Fund was established to allow for that spirit to help those in need for perpetuity.



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